Sunset Cliffs

South of Ocean Beach is Sunset Cliffs and features several beaches below. Sunset Cliffs features beautiful sunset vistas and encompasses 68 acres of bluffs and walking paths above the Pacific Ocean. The area is popular with ocean-gazers, surfers, and those who like to cruise Sunset Cliffs Boulevard that runs against the cliffs. The drive starts at Adair Street and continues south to Ladera Street. It’s a a great place to take pictures and watch birds. You may even see gray whales migrating during the winter months.

Garbage Beach at Ladera Street is named for the large amounts of odiferous kelp on the rocks. Stairs lead down the cliff, but beware it is very steep. No Surf Beach and New Break Beach are also below Sunset Cliffs and have no identified route leading down to the water’s edge. Finding them can be quite a challenge.

Sunset Cliffs

The beach access is limited and beaches are unsafe for small children due to the unpredictable surf. This area is also not a handicap friendly area. To access the beach, it will take some good timing (the tide has to be low) and determination. Never try to climb the cliffs and be careful walking down the paths. Find only safe trails to climb down.

Sunset Cliffs have no lifeguards and only portable restrooms are available. There is only one public shower at the corner of Ladera Street and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.


Lots are located at the North and South ends of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. There is also a lot on Ladera Street and Cornish Drive and public lot at Point Loma Nazarene College. There is plenty of street parking on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.


Sunset Cliffs Park lies 1 mile south of Ocean Beach. The park sits between Nazarene College and Point Loma. Take I-8 West and it will turn into Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. It will take you to Sunset Cliffs Park.


Sunset Cliffs features a rare stretch of California’s Coast which has kept its natural beaty. There is a newly constructed concrete pathway that runs along the ocean just south of the pier. It is the easiest way to start from the parking area at the west end of Newport Avenue. Follow south from the parking lot along the concrete walk. You will go under the pier and then find a small concrete landing. The path starts south.